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Thursday, 20 January 2011 13:48

5 Social Media How-Tos

Written by Craig Hoyt

With so many buzzwords being thrown around the web today, "SEO this, Social Media that, Like it, Digg It, Tweet It", even those of us in the biz wonder what it all means. Somedays it seems like all you have to do is be in EVERYWHERE at the same time and it should all work out. Of course, who has the time? Here are a few social media how-tos I ran across this afternoon. Check 'em out maybe you'll find a strategy or two to help your busy days get a little easier.

I) How to Prep Content for Social Media -

Creating compelling content is a major key to success in gaining a high amount of links, votes, and traffic to your content. However, styling and structuring your content, in an easily digestible fashion, is a major key to making your compelling content successful. Readability should never be overlooked.

II) How to Use Images Successfully on Social Media Sites -

Images are one of the most popular forms of social media news content for a variety of reasons. This form of media is easily consumed, transfers information quickly, usually requires less reading and can project a great deal of information (many times more so than text). People are busy and not willing to give away their time unless they know something is worth it. Images require a very low time investment, making them a medium that will never die.

Almost any business can make this social media medium work in its favor, and the results from a successful social media campaign that utilizes images can be fairly impressive.

III) How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile -

For two months, [Anthony Piwarun] altered var­i­ous fields of [his] pro­file and logged the effect on the num­ber of searches that it appeared in accord­ing to LinkedIn ana­lyt­ics. "While I’m not one to rely heav­ily on a sin­gle method of mea­sure­ment, LinkedIn doesn’t offer an option for ana­lyt­ics so my pri­mary method of mea­sure­ment was the in-house track­ing sys­tem. The results I found were con­clu­sive: It is pos­si­ble to opti­mize your LinkedIn pro­file to rank bet­ter in search." Anthony Piwarun.

IV) How to Use Social Media to Recruit, Retain & Recognize Volunteers -

How can online tools enhance and accelerate community building to sustain volunteer engagement?
Social media tools have tremendous potential for building community around a project among participating volunteers.
Once you get volunteers to your project the first time, online community building can help keep them coming back.

V) How to Pitch Social Media to your Boss -

It’s safe to say that there is no one formula for presenting social media to your company. The approaches will differ based on your position in the company, the company’s culture, formal presentation processes, probably on the size of your company, and the receptiveness of the industry to social media. But if you believe, as I do, that social media is here to stay and that your business can benefit from tapping into the social revolution, then you should find some helpful tips here for making your big pitch.

Thanks for taking a look. I'm sure these authors appreciate your visit as much as I do. I hope you found something helpful. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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